Article 1 (Purposes)

These Clauses, In Using LoveAlarm Service Provided By LoveAlarm Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter Referred To As “The Company”), Were Made To Stipulate Right And Obligations, Responsibilities And Procedures, Etc. Between The Company And Members.

Article 2 (Definition)

In These Clauses, Terms Are Defined As Follows.

  1. “Service” Means Service Related To LoveAlarm As Provided By The Company Through The Terminal(Including Various Wire/Wireless Devices Such As Mobile, Tablet PC, Etc.)  Of Member.

2.  “Member” Means A Customer Who Has An Access To And Use Service By Making A Use Contract With The Company Under These Clauses.

  1. “LoveAlarm Account” Means, In Relation To Use Of Service That Member Uses After Logging In To Service, A Member Identifying Unit Established To Manage A Service Use History By Member.

4.  “Heart Accumulation” Means Data On The Service Site Accumulated On The System When Member Has Finished A Certain Act Prescribed By The Company, Without Member Directly Paying A Price, Which Can Be Used For Purchase Of Digital Products, Exercise Of Intangible Right, Etc. On The Service Site Until It Becomes Extinct.

  1. “Website” Means A Webpage(Address: ) Which Allows Member To Confirm Notice, Clauses, Personal Information Handling Policies, Etc. With Respect To Service.

Article 3 (Concluding A Use Contract And Creation Of LoveAlarm Account)

① A Use Contract Is Made When A Person Who Intends To Sign Up For Membership(Hereinafter Referred To As ‘Applicant For Membership’) Agrees To These Clause According To The Procedures Prescribed By The Company And Signs Up For Membership Before Using Service And The Company Accepts The Application.

② If The Use Contract Is Made, Applicant For Membership Becomes Member And LoveAlarm Account Is Created That Allows Member To Use Service.

③ The Company May Reject The Creation Of LoveAlarm Account Of Applicant For Membership In Any Of Followings. Also, In Case, After The Company Accepts An Application For Membership, It Is Found That Any Of Following Events Has Been Existed, The Company May Take Appropriate Action Including Immediate Suspension Of Service Use By Member Or Deletion Of LoveAlarm Account, Etc.:1. In Case Applicant For Membership Has Lost His/Her Membership Previously;2. In Case Applicant For Membership Uses A False Name Or Other’s Name;3. In Case Applicant For Membership Is A Child Under The Age Of 14; And4. In Case Applicant For Membership Breaches Related Laws And Regulations Or Violates The Standards Prescribed By The Company.

④ The Company May Put Off Approval For Reason Of Availability Of Equipment Related To Service, Or Other Technical Or Business Reason, And Shall Give Notice Of The Result To Applicant For Membership.

Article 4 (Change In Member Information)

① Member May Peruse And Revise Information He/She Entered Through My Page Screen Of The Service Site.

② In Case There Is Any Change In The Member Information Mentioned At The Time Of Application For Membership, Member Shall Give Notice To The Company And The Company Shall Not Be Responsible For The Disadvantage Due To Failure To Revise Or Give Notice Of The Changed Information.