LoveAlarm, Inc. (Hereinafter Referred To As ‘The Company’) Puts Emphasis On Personal Information Of Customers, And Observes Relevant Laws Including Act On Promotion Of Information And Communication Network Utilization And Information Protection And Guidelines Enacted By Relevant Agencies. The Company, Through The Personal Information Handling Policies, Informs Customers Of For What Purpose And How Personal Information Provided By Customers Is Used, And The Actions Taken By The Company For Personal Information Protection.

1. Collection and Use of Location Information

2. Collection And Use Purpose Of Personal Information

The Company Utilizes Collected Personal Information For Following Goals. Personal Information Handled By The Company Is Not Used For Other Purposes Than Followings And In Case A Use Purpose Is Changed, The Company Is Scheduled To Take Necessary Action Including Obtaining Separate Consent, Etc. According To Article 18 Of Personal Information Protection Act, Provided That In Case A Customer In Advance Agrees To Disclosure Of A Personal Information Or Under Laws And Regulations, If At The Request Of An Investigative Agency According To Prescribed Procedures, The Personal Information May Be Disclosed To The Outside. – Use Of Service- Answer To Customer Inquiry.

3. Sometimes cookies are used to provide PC-based services.

Cookies are used to support a faster and more convenient use of websites and to provide customized services.

① What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of text file usually set by the web server, sent from a website and stored in a User's computer hard disk while the user is browsing that website.

② Purpose of use of cookie

The CompanyThe CompanyThe Company uses cookies which save and retrieve user information in order to provide personal customized service. When a user visits the website, the website server reads cookies stored on the user's device to maintain environment settings and customized services. Cookies help the user use the website easily and conveniently by finding out the user's preferences. Also, they are used to provide customized marketing information by tracing the number of visiting to the website and use patterns.

③ Rejecting a cookie

Cookie does not collect personally identifiable information automatically or actively, and a user has an option for setting a cookie. Hence, a user may allow all cookies by setting the option on the web browser; whenever a cookie is stored, the confirmation thereof shall be completed; or, otherwise, a user may reject the storage of all cookies. Provided, however, when a user rejects the storage of a cookie, then the user may have some difficulties in using a service.

④ Allow or Don't Allow Cookies

  1. Internet Explorer Select "Tool" menu at the top of the browser. > "Internet Options" > "Personal Data" Tab > Settings
  2. Chrome Select "Three dot" menu at the right top of the browser.> "Settings" > "Privacy and security" > "Cookies and othersite data"

4. Possession And Use Period Of Personal Information

The Company Handles/Possesses Personal Information Within The Personal Information Possession/Use Period Under Laws And Regulations Or The Personal Information Possession/Use Period Approved From The Information Subject When It Collects Such Information, If Necessary Under Provisions Of Relevant Laws And Regulations, The Company Stores Member Information For A Certain Period As Prescribed In Relevant Laws And Regulations As Follows. The Handling And Possession Period Of Each Of Personal Information Are As Follows.

– Customer Information Voluntarily Provided According To Customer Inquiry: 3 Years (Period Related To The Handling Of Customer’s Complaint Or Disputes)